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Biology CR

Learning Resources Required For This Course Are Available For Purchase From Our Online Bookstore.

Topics included for the A section (semester 1) are: Characteristics of Life; Classification; Kingdoms (Monera, Protista, and Fungi); Chemistry of Life; Cells and Genetics. Topics included for the B section (semester 2) are: Creation/Evolution; Ecosystems; Invertebrates; Vertebrates; and Plants.

Special Notes

Credit recovery courses are only available to students who provide evidence of failing a course at NSA or any other school. Credit recovery courses cannot be taken for credit if evidence of previous failure of the course is not provided to the NSA office during the registration/enrollment process.

From the Teacher

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Ever since humans were first created, we have been exploring the wonders of Creation around us. As a child, you were probably curious about all the plants and animals around you. You were acting as a biologist without even knowing it! In this fast paced Biology course, we will take a closer look at God’s Creation and discover intricate details about the plant and animal kingdoms.

Just as Adam named all the organisms in the Garden of Eden, we will also be learning how biologists today classify and name all the organisms in Creation.

Join me as we embark on a fast paced adventure into exploring the wonders of God’s Creation through our credit recovery Biology course!