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Advanced Art: Independent Study

Learning Resources Required For This Course Are Available For Purchase From Our Online Bookstore.

This class is an independent study for students who wish to explore art media further. Students will determine four separate projects for exploration and then work with the teacher on a one to one basis to learn technique and processes for the chosen materials. Students will develop pieces and display them as a one man show at the end of the class. Media that students may choose to explore include drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, clay and ceramics, video production, animation, etc.

From the Teacher

The Arts were created to provide us with ways to worship. Most of us associate music with worship, but the visual arts are just as valuable! God created beauty and through art we can reflect that beauty back to him. Just like musicians need training, artists need some training, too.

This class is aimed at the grade 11 and 12 students that would like to learn more about art, become more visually literate and proficient in their drawing, painting and composition skills. As a student, you will select four areas of interest and will explore these areas in detail with the aim of improving technical and conceptual skills.

As part of the class we will also explore the field of aesthetics, the study of beauty, so that you are able to think like an artist, too.

So, I am looking forward to having you in class and we can work together to expand your technical skills and develop your conceptualization of ideas for a better and more enjoyable art experience.