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AP® Computer Science - A

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This course teaches programming in JAVA while preparing the student for the Advanced Placement® exam. The course looks at Object-Oriented Programming principles using the Java language. Topics covered include computer logic, programming strategies, algorithms and code development.

Special Notes

If you are planning to take the AP exam associated with this course, then be aware that beginning in Fall 2019 the College Board requires that all students register in October of each school year to take the exam which is held in early May. You must make your decision early. There are penalties associated with late registration and with registering and then deciding not to take the exam at a later date. Please plan accordingly. For more information or if you have more questions, please visit . Once on the site search Home-Schooled Students to find information on locating testing locations near you.

From the Teacher

Do you have a basic understanding of computers and want to learn to begin the process of learning to write computer programs?

In AP Computer Science, we will work to prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam. We will use the Java programming language to learn computer science principles and techniques. This will not only prepare you for the AP exam, but can also be used in most other computer science classes that you might take. We will look at Object Oriented Programming and concepts behind it. In Java, will look at primitive data types, classes, and control structures. As we finish the course, sort and search algorithms and program design will be introduced. All of these topics will be reinforced with labs to help you get hands-on knowledge of the concepts and also writing code. When you finish the course, you will be ready to take the AP exam and also proceed on to more in-depth computer science courses.