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Digital Photography

Learning Resources Required For This Course Are Available For Purchase From Our Online Bookstore.

In this class we will learn the difference between a photograph and a snapshot. We will learn the basics in black and white photography, including care & handling of a digital camera, cleaning, composition, exposure, and basic image manipulation.

Special Notes

A stable Internet connection is needed for this class for sizable uploads and downloads. As well as, digital cameras are required.

This course can be taken to satisfy the graduation requirement in Fine Art.

An iPhone is not an acceptable camera for this course; students must have access to a digital camera - an SLR or a point-and-shoot.

From the Teacher

Wouldn’t it be great to spend time learning something that you would use for the rest of your life? Northstar’s Digital Photography class is just that. We are surrounded by images all the time – take this course to learn how to make your photographs stand out.

It’s practical if you want to use your photographs to promote a business or sell a product and most importantly to preserve your precious memories of your lifelong adventures with friends and family. Photography combines science with art. Come join this class and experiment with subjects all around you. It will change the way you look at the world!