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Introduction to Computer Programming

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This first introductory course in computer programming is designed for the student who has no prior background knowledge in computer programming. Topics covered are computer history, computer logic, programming strategies, algorithms and code development. The Python and Java Pascal programming languages provides the context for all programming instruction and coding/compiling.

From the Teacher

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs said “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer … because it makes you think”

In the Introduction to Computer Programming course, we will begin by looking at the history of computers, networks, and programming languages. After this introduction to look at software development principles first with Python and then Java. We will look at various topics beginning with simple data types and control structures which are the base of creating complex programs. We will continue throughout the year adding more concepts including Object Oriented Programming, search and sort algorithms, and finish up with a look at HTML which is used for webpage creation. Throughout the course you will be writing programs to reinforce what we are studying. When you finish the course you will have been introduced to multiple computer science concepts and principles which can be used in other computer science classes you might take.