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Introduction to Theatre

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Need more drama in your life? You've come to the right place! This course has plenty of serious academic content for the theatre-nerd-at-heart (ancient Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, The Crucible), but it's also perfect for students who were born to express themselves creatively. Theatre history skits, mimes, zany recorded rehearsals ("Try it like a snake! Try it like a fish!"), and the culminating public performance of an original Biblical monologue, all combine to make this course a whirlwind of text, self-discovery, and God-honoring time on the stage. No former theatre experience is required (though seasoned thespians will feel at home—and learn something new). Supplies needed: a camera that can record up to twenty minutes, and an ability to add drama to any situation.

From the Teacher

“Act well your part; there are the honor lies.” (Alexander Pope)

Ever wondered why Christ so often chose to teach through telling stories? Because they are powerful. Stories, performed well, can captivate audiences and open hearts. If you’d like the skills to become a more skillful writer, speaker, and sharer of stories, then this course is meant for you.