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Latin 2

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Students continue their study of Latin by further expanding their knowledge of key vocabulary topics and grammar concepts. Students not only begin to comprehend listening and reading passages more fully, but they also are able to express themselves more meaningfully in both speaking and writing. Each unit consists of a new vocabulary theme and grammar concept, reading and listening comprehension activities, speaking and writing activities, multimedia cultural presentations, and interactive activities and practices, which reinforce vocabulary and grammar. There is a strong emphasis on providing context and conversational examples for the language concepts presented in each unit. Students should expect to be actively engaged in their own language learning, understand common vocabulary terms and phrases, use a wide range of grammar patterns in their speaking and writing, participate in conversations and respond appropriately to conversational prompts, analyze and compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of various Latin-speaking countries, and take frequent assessments where their language progression can be monitored. By semester 2, the course is conducted almost entirely in Latin. The course has been carefully aligned to national standards as set forth by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). (Grades 9-12)

Special Notes

A stable Internet connection is needed for this class since all work is done online. A minimum connection speed of 5Mbps is required. iPads are not compatible with this course.

From the Teacher

Congratulations on setting this important goal. Deciding to learn Latin is a great idea in today’s world. It can help you in the medical profession, the legal profession or even if you choose to learn another language. After a brief review of High School Latin 1, students will embark on the compelling journey of High School Latin 2.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of grammar patterns, including purpose and result clauses and subjunctive mood. We will analyze and compare cultural practices and perspectives of the classical world through exposure to Latin classics such as Arachne, Prometheus as well as The Iliad and The Odyssey.

It’s amazing to think that Jesus died for men from every language and nation! There will be people in heaven who come from Latin-based speaking countries - even from the Roman Empire itself! Perhaps God will use what you learn this year so that you can share Christ with someone in a Latin-based speaking nation. May we always ask God to use our life and what we learn each year for Him.

I hope you will join me this year in High School Latin 2 as we follow God’s hand through history.