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Law and Order: Intro to Legal Studies

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Every society has laws that citizens must follow; this course aims to examine the purpose and function of laws in our society. From traffic laws to regulated government operations, laws help provide society with order and structure. By understanding the workings of course systems and how laws are carried out, we become more informed and responsible citizens in our communities and our world.

Special Notes

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From the Teacher

If you like a good John Grisham book, or perhaps C.S.I. or the Law and Order TV series, this course is for you! Perhaps you’ve been told, “You should be a lawyer when you grow up!” or maybe, you’re interested in a career in the legal field and want to explore further about the profession. Intro to Legal Studies will help you decide if law school may be in your future! It’s a great course that highlights the purpose and function of law in our society. Grab your legal pad and gavel, and I’ll see you in class!