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Network Security

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Network Security provides students with the knowledge to become industry certified as a Security Professional. It prepares the student for the following:

  • TestOut's Security Pro certification
  • CompTIA's Security+ certification
  • (ISC)2's SSCP certification

This course focuses on topics such as access control and identity management, policies, procedures, and awareness, physical security, perimeter defenses, network defenses, host defenses, application defenses, data defenses, as well as audits and assessments. Additionally, students are prepared in the domains of network security, compliance and operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, application, data, and cryptography.

Special Notes

LabSim requires a 64-bit operating system, 3GB Ram, and a computer running Microsoft Edge 20+ (Windows 10), MS Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 31+, or Apple Safari 8+ (Mac).

From the Teacher

If you’re at all familiar with recent events in the news, then you’ve probably heard terms such as “hacking,” “ransomware,” and “spying.” Much of this stems from having improperly secured networks, computers, and devices. Many people have heard of virus scanning software and this is a good step any user should take. However, in a business environment (whether at home or the office), securing a network is vitally important to protect the data and credentials being used everyday.

In this course, students are guided through video instruction and practical lab simulations to design, build, and troubleshoot a layered network environment to provide maximum protection from outside threats. Our labs replicate $35,000 of computer hardware and software and challenges students with real-world scenarios. Students who complete the course are prepared with both the knowledge and skills they need to be a successful IT security administrator. This course offers certification to enhance the college and future career resume.

If you’re ready to get serious about helping yourself and others protect valuable information, then you’re cordially invited to register today!