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Painting 1

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Enter the world of color as you learn the basics of watercolor painting! This course covers various watercolor techniques and the fundamentals of color theory. Projects will include still life, nature studies, landscapes, portraits, and illustrations, and creative projects.

Special Notes

Each student needs weekly access to a scanner and/or a digital camera in order to submit artwork.

From the Teacher

Do you remember the little watercolor sets that you used as a child? You probably didn’t mix many new colors and probably mostly painted a coloring sheet. In some ways, watercolor may seem very basic, but once you know how to use your brushes, mix paint, and incorporate a variety of techniques, you’ll see that it is a beautiful way to represent the light, color, and detail that God placed all around you in nature.

While you will complete some study drawings in this course, the focus will be on using watercolors, being creative, and learning about color theory. Projects include some nature studies, landscapes, illustrations, and even trying your hand at painting bamboo in a traditional oriental style!

While any type of art takes effort, watercolor is one of the most beautifully simple styles of painting and can be enjoyed by anyone who is eager to learn.