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Preparing for Independent Life

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The sad news? One day you won´t live at home anymore. The good news? If you take this class, you will be prepared for life on your own. Many students go to college without the necessary tools that they need for managing their money, making simple meals based on good nutritional choices, taking care of their clothes, organizing their "personal space," and balancing their study and social time. Get ready for heading out on your own by starting today as you learn the skills that you will need, all while you still live at home. (And parents, this will be your most favorite class that your teen takes in school because you will benefit from your student moving toward independence and cooking for you for a change.) Come and join in the fun as you "Prepare for Independent Life" starting today. You will be so glad that you did.

Special Notes

This course can be taken to satisfy the graduation requirement for College and Life Preparation.

From the Teacher

One day you won’t live at home anymore, so that means that you will be cooking for yourself, cleaning after yourself, doing your own laundry, sewing and ironing, managing your own money by handling your bank accounts and credit cards…the list is endless! Will you be ready? If you take Preparing for Independent Life, the answer is YES! This class will prepare you for living on your own after high school, whether it´s in your own apartment or in a college dorm. Get high school credit for this easy, practical class that will help you learn these life skills now while you still live at home. No quadratic equations here, dear students! Just real life skills that you will use every day for the rest of your life. Come and join in the fun this semester as we get you prepared for your independent life.