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SAT Verbal-Writing Preparation

Learning Resources Required For This Course Are Available For Purchase From Our Online Bookstore.

In addition to reviewing the basic skills needed, students will learn test-taking strategies specific to the SAT exam. Strategies for reading quickly and efficiently are emphasized, and exercises are provided to build vocabulary, an important asset for the SAT. Students receive instruction and practice on planning and executing essays within the short time allotted on the test. A comprehensive grammar review is included, and strategies for answering grammar questions are also included. This class is taught by NSA faculty but also extensively uses an outside online source so students can customize their practice and review, according to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Practice tests will be utilized.

From the Teacher

Does the idea of going to college totally excite you? Can’t wait to live on campus and be on your own? Looking forward to meeting new people and taking college courses? If only you could just apply and be accepted, without having to take the dreaded SAT, right?

Since that’s not the case, why not consider taking SAT Verbal-Writing Prep? You will find yourself in Khan Academy, one of the most respected and trusted sites in the educational world. There you will work through practice exercises and activities that will sharpen the tools in your standardized test tool box! You will gain confidence as you prepare to take the SAT.

Is the college you’re considering requiring the newly revamped SAT essay? No problem! This course will take you through practice tests where you will receive individualized feedback on the essays that you write - on topics that mirror the actual SAT exam.

Since the SAT is a rite of passage for high school students, why not help yourself out and consider enrolling in this course?! Practice may not always make perfect, but practice just might help you raise your SAT score! I hope to see you in SAT Verbal-Writing Prep.