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Science 4

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Volcanologist, geologist, botanist, biologist, seismologist, meteorologist, chemist, engineer, paleontologist...WOW! Did you know that there were so many different types of scientists? You will get to become each of these as we discover all that God has created. We will dig in the dirt to discover the Earth and dinosaurs. We will experience shark week up close as we round out a unit on animals. We will discuss kindness and compassion as we learn about different natural disasters. We will even discover how God created us in His image as we learn about the human body! Are you ready to get your hands dirty and discover God's indescribable world in Science 4?

Topics Studied Included: Human Body, Earth's Spheres, Bodies of Water/Landforms, History of the Planet, Energy, Weather, Plants, Natural Disasters, and Animals

From the Teacher

Science 4 is new and improved! There are so many things that we will cover in the science world, but we will also be able to see how science and creation are intricately meshed together.