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Algebra 1 EVP

Learning Resources Required For This Course Are Available For Purchase From Our Online Bookstore.

Algebra I is an interactive class that focuses on laying the foundation for success in future math classes. It is designed to help students master the fundamentals of Algebra and covers topics including variables, equations, inequalities, graphing, functions, systems of equations and inequalities, exponent rules, polynomials and factoring, quadratic equations, radical expressions and equations, rational expressions and equations, and data and probability. All students will have access to instructional videos in the course, regardless of how they access the textbook. Students may choose to use the hard copy of the Pearson Algebra I textbook, purchase the digital access (Pearson Successnet) or use both. Students with poor internet connectivity may also use the eText access (DVD). Pearson Successnet (digital access) includes not only access to the textbook, but a wealth of extra resources including tutorials, videos and practice materials. Graphing calculators are also introduced and students are required to have a physical TI-84 graphing calculator for the course.

Special Instructions

Access to a scanner or digital camera is necessary for this course as students will be required to submit work on assignments frequently throughout the semester/year. Usage of a graphing calculator is also a requirement in this course. Only the TI-84 family is supported by our instructors.

Recommended sequence for students taking non-Honors courses: MATH100, MATH200, MATH300 followed by their choice of MATH310, MATH410, MATH440, or MATH510.

*As part of the EVP program, this course will have a live class requirement once a week at a set time; please see the website for time choices. This live class will include teaching, discussion with classmates from around the world, demonstrations, questions and answers, and other aspects of a live classroom. Students will have weekly due dates and stay on a traditional coursework schedule.

Semester 1: August 26 - January 26

  • Weekly live meetings begin September 3
  • Fall Break: November 25 - 29
  • Christmas Break: December 23 - January 3
Semester 2: January 27 - June 7
  • Spring Break: April 6 - 10

Times: Tuesday 5:00 pm or Thursday 9:00 am US Central Time

From the Teacher

Have you ever been in a math class and not understood exactly what the teacher was saying or felt like you couldn’t voice your questions and confusion? Have you ever struggled in vain to understand a math concept and no matter who you asked no one could explain it to you in a way that you understood? If you have, you are not alone! In fact, most people will tell you that they don’t like math or sometimes even hate math. In my experience I have almost always found this to be connected to some negative experience they had in a math class or with a math teacher along the way, and it has resulted in a dislike and even a fear of math or anything math related.

I too, have been in a math class where I didn’t understand anything that the teacher was saying, and so I understand first hand how incredibly frustrating, exhausting and defeating this can feel. But have no fear! I am your here to help you navigate the twists and turns of this, your first introduction to Algebra. I understand that many students come into Algebra I with fears of how they will do or whether or not they will be able to succeed, and so I have made it my number one priority to make sure that you never, EVER feel like you are alone during this course. I have taught this course many times and I know exactly where the pitfalls are before you get there, so I can direct and guide you safely around them when the time comes. Algebra I doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating or confusing, but can actually be a lot of fun and even a joy to learn! I want to share my love of math with you, and show you how beautiful the world of math can be and even more importantly, what it can tell us about our awesome and divinely intelligent Creator!