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AP Calculus AB EVP

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This course covers all topics of the calculus of functions of a single variable as described in the AP Calculus AB topic outline in the AP Calculus Course Description. Major topics covered include Functions, Graphs, Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, and Applications of Integrals. This course is designed to develop the student's understanding of the concepts covered in the first semester of university calculus and half of the second semester of university calculus. Multiple experiences in the methods and applications of those concepts and the Rule of Four are also stressed throughout the course. Students are trained to express all solutions geometrically, numerically, analytically, and to interpret these findings verbally. Students hoping to major in the math, science, or engineering fields should apply. Students who complete the course will be well prepared for the AB AP exam. Technology and graphing calculators are used extensively in this course to reinforce the concepts covered. All students must possess a TI-83, TI-84, or TI-89 graphing calculator.

Special Instructions

Access to a scanner or digital camera is necessary for this course as students will be required to submit work on assignments frequently throughout the semester/year.

Recommended sequence for students wishing to pursue advanced math classes: MATH150, MATH250, MATH350, MATH400, followed by their choice of MATH500, MATH510, or MATH520.

*As part of the EVP program, this course will have a live class requirement once a week at a set time; please see the website for time choices. This live class will include teaching, discussion with classmates from around the world, demonstrations, questions and answers, and other aspects of a live classroom. Students will have weekly due dates and stay on a traditional coursework schedule.

Important note: This class will start 2 weeks earlier than all other EVP courses in order to be completed in time for the AP exam.

Semester 1: August 27 - January 11 (Fall Break: November 19 - 23)

Semester 2: January 14 - May 24 (Spring Break: April 15 - 19)

Times: Wednesday 12:00 noon or Thursday 8:00 am US Central Time

From the Teacher

Are you planning on pursuing a STEM based degree at University? Are you interested in getting ahead of the game in your mathematical studies? Then AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC are the classes for you.

These courses are created to not only prepare you for the AP Exam in May, but also to give you an idea of the level of intensity that you might see in college math classes. The curriculum for AP Calculus AB is equivalent to university Calculus 1 and other single-variable calculus courses. AP Calculus BC is equivalent to university Calculus 1 & 2 and is an extension of AP Calculus AB. Both courses are challenging but rewarding, given that the student works hard throughout the entire time they are in the course.