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Credit Recovery Courses

Have you failed a full-year course or a semester-long course and need to recover that credit? NorthStar offers Credit Recovery Courses just for you. Our Credit Recovery Courses are designed for students who have previously taken the course, either at NorthStar or through another school, but received a failing grade and need to recover that course’s credit.

Students who have previously taken the course during a normal school year or semester have usually learned enough material that requiring a complete repetition of the course is not necessary. In Credit Recovery Courses, students are able to test out of the material they have already mastered prior to entering a unit, so they can devote more time to the areas in which the student still needs to demonstrate mastery. Students have eight weeks to complete four weeks of lessons covering a full semester of each course.

Before beginning a Credit Recovery Course, the office will need to receive a transcript documenting the student's previous failure of the course. Students will not be able to begin Credit Recovery Courses until this proof has been received. Transcripts may be emailed to the office.

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Courses Designated With Are Generally For
100 9th Grade
200 10th Grade
300 11th Grade
400 12th Grade
500 Advanced Placement®

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