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Dual Credit

At NorthStar Academy we accept dual credit from accredited colleges and universities across the US. Any NorthStar student desiring to earn high school credit for a dual credit course from an accredited college or university should seek approval from the Guidance Counselor. Each course that a student wishes to have granted high school credit on NorthStar Academy's transcript will be evaluated on a case by case basis for credit towards graduation. No more than 25% of a student's total high school credits at NorthStar Academy can come through the dual credit pathway. A $50 dual credit transfer fee will be charged for each course to be transferred onto NorthStar's transcript. Please note that a 3 or 4 credit hour college course transfers in as 0.5 high school credit.

Follow this link: Dual Credit Evaluation Form to submit courses for evaluation.

NorthStar Academy reserves the right to refuse any dual credit courses that do not meet our program standards. A $40 refund will be given for any courses that are refused after review.

Dual Credit for AP Courses

NorthStar Academy has partnered with Colorado Christian University (CCU) to provide dual credit for many of our AP courses here at NSA. Students who successfully complete their NSA AP course may also get credit for those courses directly with CCU by going through their application process and paying the fee of $200 per course directly with CCU. This credit is awarded even if the student does not take the AP Exam and may be a good option for those that are not good test takers. Please note that not all of NorthStar Academy's AP courses can earn CCU dual credit through this partnership. More information can be found by clicking the link below.

Colorado Christian

Colorado Christian University Dual Credit Courses for High School Students

Please read this letter before enrolling with CCU for dual credit: CCU Letter for Students-Parents

Register here for NorthStar/CCU Dual Credit courses.

Please click here for a list of courses.

For more information about CCU’s Dual Credit program, click here.

Visit Colorado Christian University to learn more about the institution.

CCU Dual Credit Request Form