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Elementary Department

The purpose of the elementary department is to walk alongside elementary students and their supervisors as they develop strategies for learning in Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Math, Art, and Bible. Teachers work with students to develop study skills and organizational tools to access learning opportunities in each course.

As a result, students will develop a love of learning, a curiosity for the pursuit of knowledge, and an understanding of the strengths that God gave them. In turn, students will seek to know more of God’s creative involvement in their growth as followers of Christ.


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Elementary at NSA

Doing elementary school online? Can you imagine what that must look like? Enjoy these pictures from elementary NSAers around the world!

Andreya 1
Andreya 2
Calendar of Events

Have you seen the NSA calendar? That is a good place to view everything happening at NSA! You can even filter to view only NSA Elementary Events or NSA Social Events by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the calendar, next to "Print." Click the calendar link below if you would like to go to the calendar page now!

Official NSA Calendar

Bulletin Board

At NorthStar, you are encouraged to plug in and connect with your classmates. Elementary events for grades 4-6 are featured below, but don't forget to join in on the school-wide fun as well! Be sure to visit the Student Connect Page by clicking the link below to find out how to connect with the rest of your NSA classmates and teachers!

Student Connect page



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