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High School Courses

NorthStar high school students have the opportunity to have a fully accredited Christian education with nearly 200 courses from which to choose. Along with core subjects and honors courses, students can choose from nearly twenty Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses, electives ranging from computer programming to criminology & forensic science and archaeology. NorthStar offers Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Latin. NorthStar offers more than high academic standards; students are also provided with opportunities to learn leadership skills through student council, student-led Bible studies, prayer groups, and special-interests groups. Students will gain international friendships and participate in international discussion forums in each course. Click any of the subject names to get more details.

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Courses Designated With Are Generally For
100 9th Grade
200 10th Grade
300 11th Grade
400 12th Grade
500 Advanced Placement®

To view NorthStar Academy's statement on Common Core, please click here.