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Onboarding: How Do I Begin?

Below, you will find information on getting started with us. After you have created your account and registered for courses, you will receive an email from our registrar with further instructions. You will also receive an email from Mrs. Kimberly Smith about getting started in your orientation.

To book a Phone call for more information, please visit this link:

We would love to share about NorthStar Academy and answer all of your questions.

Get Ready!

  1. Create a Supervisor Account in Genius, our Student Information System (SIS). Every student must have a supervisor to proctor exams.
  2. Complete your Student’s Application. Once you have created a supervisor account, you will be taken to the student application page. This is where you will enter your student’s information. Students will receive an email with their login information. Please contact us if you do not receive this email.
Parents of transfer students! Now is a good time to have your student's previous transcript sent to us. We must have this on file prior to your student beginning in their NorthStar courses. You can have this transcript emailed to Guidance or faxed to 662-892-4385.

Get Set!

  1. Have your student's transcript sent to our office. This can be emailed to the Guidance office or faxed to 662-892-4385.
  2. Enroll your student in Courses. If you need help with course selection, please email our Guidance office.
  3. Make your Payment.
  4. Order Books and Resources from the bookstore. MBS Direct is separate from NorthStar Academy. You will need to create your own MBS Direct account.
Once you have enrolled in courses, you will receive a Welcome Email from the office with further instructions on getting started as well as an email from our Tech Support with instructions for accessing your school Office 365 account with Outlook and Teams. If you do not receive these two emails, please contact us.


Once you have registered for your courses, your NSA Orientation will be made available. The orientation will help you understand all of the NorthStar Academy systems. You and your supervisor will learn valuable information that will help you be successful in your coursework, here at NorthStar. The goal of the orientation is to prepare you for anything you may be asked to do in your courses. From allowing your supervisor to learn how and where to find a password when you are ready to take a test or quiz, to teaching you how to take a screenshot and post to a discussion board, it is all there in your orientation!

You are not alone! Our Student Success Coach will be grading your Orientation assignments and can assist you with getting started! Her contact information is in the Orientation. Please contact us if you have any questions!