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Whom We Serve: Schools

Blended learning, personalized learning, mastery or competency based education…the world of education is changing fast.

Research indicates that by 2024, eighty percent of courses will be online or blended, and many colleges expect students to have completed an online course before graduation from high school. We want to help ensure that your school is a leader in this area and not a follower. NorthStar Academy can help you leverage online learning to expand your course offerings, blend your program, or meet staffing shortfalls. For more information, please watch the video from our director, Dan Cooley.

NorthStar Academy offers an Affiliate Program at no cost for your school. Affiliate schools may enroll students in over 200 courses at a discounted rate. Becoming an affiliate with NorthStar allows your school to have free training and full access to our learning management system enabling you to closely monitor student progress at all times.

Steps to becoming an Affiliate with NorthStar Academy:

  1. Designate one responsible individual to be your school’s supervisor for online courses. This individual’s role is extremely important to your students’ success in their online courses. This individual does not have to be a content expert but someone who will provide daily accountability.
  2. Complete this School Affiliate Form.
  3. Designated supervisors will receive a confirmation email with access to your school’s account which will allow them to complete supervisor training.
  4. After completing the school supervisor orientation, supervisors are now equipped to register students in the desired courses.
  5. Designate a time and space for your school’s online courses. Students should report to the same place at the same time each day under the supervision of the designated school supervisor.
  6. We encourage school supervisors to Skype with NorthStar’s affiliate liaison before courses begin. NorthStar Academy is equipped and committed to the success of your school’s supervisor and students. We are available and accessible to help you in your school’s blended learning program.

NorthStar Academy offers two blended learning options for your school. Our Virtual Program (VRP) and our NorthStar Cooperative Program (NCP). Our VRP offers fully accredited teacher-led courses which can be transferred directly to your students’ transcripts. Our NCP offers your onsite teachers access to our rich curriculum to use in their classrooms to create a blended learning environment.

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