Real People. Real Places. Real Ministry.

Our Student Activities

The students and staff at NSA have worked diligently over the years to provide the best school experience possible for future students who encounter FirstClass. Many different activities and ways to get involved in the school were born from this time and devotion. Let’s check them out!




Need a safe place to show off your skills?
Want to earn cash to help pay the bills?
FirstClass contests are the place for you,
Drawing, music, and talent shows too!

At NSA, we have contests in which you, the student, can participate! There are several kinds: writing, art, music, debate, and so much more! You will find a calendar on FirstClass of all these events. Go ahead and check it out! See how you can participate--and you may even be able to win a prize!


Looking for help in your spiritual walk?
Need to have an encouraging talk?
We all need help throughout the year,
So I think the choice is rather clear.


Need a place to read and write?
The NAV is never far from sight!
Grab a coffee and take a seat,
Unwind with articles that can't be beat

The Navigator is NSA's e-newspaper written by students for students. Published monthly, it features fun interest articles, interviews, Student Council updates, and more! You can read it any time on the NSA website or FirstClass. The Navigator is also always looking to accept writers and editors! Don't miss out on this fun opportunity to share your skills with NSA.


Go on adventures and fight mythical beasts,
Then rest at the castle and have a great feast.
Listen to tales of First Class folklore,
Exciting escapades when the brave did explore.


At NSA, we have clubs for just about everything. Whether you like sports, photography, movies, or books, NSA has a club that's just right for you. They are all featured on FirstClass and free to join! It's a great place to have fun and meet new people!


Leaders among us. Peers who can guide.
Our fellow students who stand by our side.
We're here to show you how FirstClass is done,
To explain all its weirdness and have lots of fun!


Dance with someone in India or Peru,
Then take part in a food-fight or two.
As of this moment this doesn't make sense,
But join in on the fun for your recompense.


As strange as it may sound, we do have dances and parties at NSA. They are quite the occasion. You can bring a "date" or go solo--either way, you're sure to have fun. These activities require the use of asterisks (*) to dictate your actions! *throws confetti* It can be very fun, and the food fights are quite the sight.