What NorthStar Offers Students

From a student's perspective...

Education You'll Love

Online education is definitely different than sitting in a classroom with a teacher. Learning through NorthStar will be a little different at first, maybe even a little overwhelming, but you'll get the hang of it! A student on NSA has tons of flexibility, but you also need to keep yourself accountable and stay on top of your work.

Usually you are given your weekly lesson, and it's split into five days, each with your daily work and assignments. Sometimes it's really easy to say, "Oh I'll do it tomorrow," and then you end up with a lot of work to do later in the week. I have learned this lesson first hand, but I've found that giving myself motivation really helps! I tell myself, "Okay, fifteen minutes of working and then three minutes of free time." I also try to keep my parents involved in where I am in my work.

Friends You'll Make - For Life

The social life and friends on NorthStar are definitely my favorite part of this school! There are so many students from all over the world. Each student is special and different, but we can all come together to hang out and be random, but also touch each others lives in a special way maybe we wouldn't have been able to do without NorthStar.


Last, NorthStar Academy has definitely helped my family throughout the years. This is my fifth year, and it's provided the flexibility my family needs for our crazy life overseas. When we have to travel several times a year, my mom doesn't have to worry about me getting super behind, because I could simply take my school to wherever we were going.

  • Makaela :: Italy
  • Caleb :: France
  • Roy :: South Korea
  • Caroline and Clayton :: India
  • Ashlyn :: Russia
  • Josef and Debora :: Tunisia
  • Kaitlyn :: Mexico
  • Jonathan :: Ireland
  • Amanda :: Puerto Rico
  • Ryan & Daniel :: Kenya
  • Parker & Colton :: South America
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