Graduation Requirements

NorthStar Academy high school students enrolled before the 2015-2016 school year may follow the 14-15 credit requirements of 22 credits (Standard) and 24 credits (Advanced).  Any NorthStar Academy middle school student entering grade 9 having taken at least one 100-level core course (Eng, Math, Sci, SS) prior to the 2015-2016 school year, may assume the 14-15 graduation requirements.  All other NorthStar Academy students will follow the current graduation requirements of 24 credits (Standard) and 26 credits (Advanced). Any questions on graduation requirements may be directed to the NSA Guidance Counselor at

English 4* 4*
Math 3* 4*
Science 3 4
Social Studies 3* 3*
World View 1* 1*
Physical Education .5 .5
Government .5 .5*
Economics / Personal Finance .5* .5*
Health .5 .5
Foreign Language 2*
College and Life Preparation .5 .5*
Fine Arts .5 .5
Electives** 7 5
Total Credits 24 26

*Specific courses are required. Please click here to download NSA's specific graduation requirements.
**An elective is any course of your choosing outside of the required and/or designated core courses.

NSA offers 12th grade students several options by which they may earn a diploma through NSA, so please click here to download the document which specifies the GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS with regard to credits along with the several DIPLOMA OPTIONS that we offer at NorthStar Academy.