Why Northstar?

Countless studies and common experience have shown the strengths of homeschooling, but many families need outside help for middle school and senior high level courses. Many overseas families need an alternative to boarding schools, and many schools would benefit from being able to expand their course offerings via online courses. With NorthStar Academy, all of these needs can be met.

Many overseas families are dealing with the issues concerning their children's education. For many, if these issues do not have an acceptable solution, their overseas service may be suspended, if not completely removed. Because our commitment to family should be the number one priority (1 Tim 5:8), we must address the issue of providing a quality education to our children. For many years, the solutions to education needs were homeschooling, boarding school, or relocation – each of which carried its own costs, both emotional and physical.

NorthStar Academy exists to partner with families, schools, and agencies to ensure that there is an alternate solution to limited education options. Our solution allows the family to remain in the geographical location of their choosing AND be involved in their children's education because with NorthStar the school comes to the student wherever they are!

With NorthStar, you can...

  • Attend an accredited Christian on-line school custom-tailored for individual families and schools around the world.
  • Attend elementary, middle school, or high school wherever and whenever via the Internet ... the school comes to you!
  • Earn high-school credits right at home, from anywhere in the world.
  • Have up to 12 months to complete the 9-month school "year" with flexible due dates

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