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Our Tech Requirements

NorthStar Academy strives to be as accessible as possible to our families. However, there are certain requirements in order to have the best success at our school:

  • Students may use a computer or mobile device with any operating system* they wish. We highly recommend the use of Google Chrome as your browser choice. NorthStar systems run optimally with Google Chrome. To download Google Chrome, please click here.
  • Each NorthStar student must have access to the Internet. A minimum of 5Mbps download speed is highly recommended. To test your internet connection and speed, please click here.
  • Some courses may require the submission of hand written work, so a scanner or digital camera may be required in some instances.
  • Assignments must be submitted in Microsoft Office formats or Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc). All enrolled students and their supervisors are provided with a complimentary NorthStar Microsoft Office 365 account from our support department. A free Google Drive account can also be created, on your own, to use Google Documents..
  • We highly recommend that you utilize an Anti-Virus program. Our software will detect suspicious items and not allow them to be submitted. In addition, you will want to check that your Anti-Virus settings are not set to block NorthStar sites and systems.

* Special notes for students using Linux, Chromebooks, or mobile devices:

  • Students using these systems may be limited in their interactions with NorthStar Academy.
  • Course activities using Java may, in some cases, be blocked on these devices. If a required activity is blocked, please use a Mac or Windows PC to perform that activity or contact the course instructor for a possible alternate activity.

Does Your System Meet Our Requirements? Check below!